Wall Reading Lights

Building Sold. STORE CLOSING by November 26, 2019


We display and stock wall reading lights for living rooms, desks and bedside. Some have metal shades for direct reading light, while others have glass or fabric shades for reading and ambient light. Most have dimmers or high/low switches to control intensity. They can be hard-wired to an electrical box or plugged-in.



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Quattro Wall White-1

Quattro wall light

$399.00 (1 only)

$399.00 (2 only)

$399.00 (4 only)

Cylinder shade swing-arm SN$299.00

Cylinder shade swing-arm BZ$299.00 (1 only)



DLEDW-263-SV$99.00 (1 only)


Tolomeo Wall Spot

Tolomeo Clip Spot

111 (1)


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