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Indoor wall lights are used in foyers, stairways, hallways, living and dining rooms, bedrooms, and especially bathrooms. They are designed to provide direct light that is diffused through a glass shade, or indirect light that reflects off the wall or ceiling from a metal shade. For bathrooms, wall lights with frosted glass shades will eliminate shadows when looking in the mirror. Our wall lights provide sufficient intensity for task lighting and can be controlled by a dimmer. Also, we sell wall shower lights, LED step lights and swing-arm LED mirror wall lights.

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LED Step Lights

Horizontal LED steplight

Wall/Shower Lights


S29359 $50.00 (1 only)


boxie cirque

Wall Lights


WS8424-CH-M (3)
WS8324-CH%20New-M (2)
601464CH-LED (2)
WS8418-CH (2)
WS8318-CH (3)

Frosted Glass wall
WS2413-CH (4)


WS8418-CH (5)


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