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We order a wide selection of LED, halogen, incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs.  We quick-ship other light bulbs, including medical, dental, photographic, metal-halide, high-pressure sodium and specialty light bulbs.

We order dimmable 5.5W LED A15 appliance, 9.8W LED A19, 15W LED A19, 20W LED A21, 21W LED A21 Trilight, LED E11 mini-can, LED E12 chandelier, LED T10 tubular, LED G4 and LED G6.35 bi-pins, LED G9 plug-in, LED GU10 twist & lock, LED MR16 Flood, LED MR16 Dichroic, LED PAR and LED Reflector light bulbs. We quick-ship LED A19 Colors, 20W LED A21, LED A19 GU24 twist & lock, LED G8 bi-pin, LED MR11, LED MR16 Spot, LED PAR38 Colors, LED T3 linear, LED Grow lights, LED decorative and LED Filament bulbs. Most of our LED light bulbs are approved for totally enclosed fixtures and our LED PAR light bulbs are wet location rated.

For RV’s, boats and cabins, we sell 12V to 34V DC 9.2W LED A19 non-dimmable light bulbs.

We stock S7939 15W T8 E14 screw-in light bulbs.

We order incandescent light bulbs, including 150A21 , long-life A19, A21 and A23 screw-in, European base (E14) screw-in, half-mirrorVintage Style filament and mogul base trilight bulbs.

We order linear fluorescent, plug-in compact fluorescent , GU24 twist & lock fluorescent and FML27 plug-in compact fluorescent.

We order MR16MR11, Bi-Pin plug-in, 65BR40FL reflector, G9 plug-in, GU10 twist & lock reflector, Halogen PAR, Double Contact push & twist, E11 & E12 miniature screw-in and T3 linear halogen. We quick-ship other halogen light bulbs, including GBF push & twist aluminum reflector, European base (E14) screw-in, and 55W 12V Tizio bulbs .

We order light bulbs for fixtures that we sell, and can recommend the most efficient light bulbs for other fixtures

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